LAFL Inner Circle runs life-changing adventure retreats in some of the most iconic and transformational destinations on earth. If you are looking to rekindle you inner fire, reconnect with your passions, and retake control of your life through challenging physical adventures, immersive cultural experiences, and powerful conversations with like-minded travelers — all within a supportive environment created and facilitated by your LAFL Inner Circle Program Leader — then our Adventures are for you!

Explore our different program options below. You can sign up for one of our set departure programs or create your own customized Adventure Retreat for you and your friends!


Outings are 1-day retreats that combine adventures such as hiking or surfing with conversations focused on specific themes such as Creating Balance in Life or Letting Go of Fear!

Let’s Go



Getaways are 2—5 day retreats in locations throughout India designed to help you disconnect from technology and reconnect with nature … and yourself!

Let’s Getaway



Expeditions are life-changing 7—14 day retreats in the most amazing places on the planet where you’ll do a deep-dive into who you are, what you want, and how you will create it!

Go for it



In addition to the amazing programs you’ll see on our Outings, Getaways, and Expeditions pages, we love the challenge of creating a completely customized program for you and your group. So if you have a trip in mind — a specific destination or adventure activity — and want to turn it into a LAFL Inner Circle program, just reach out to us and we can begin working with you to create the life-changing adventure program of your dreams!